The Apttus DocuSign integration allows you to send documents from Agreement and Quote/Proposal for eSignature by DocuSign, all from within Apttus.

The standard Apttus objects and workflows are used along with Apttus DocuSign integration packages, which provides the connectivity between Apttus and DocuSign. The DocuSign for Apttus connector uses the DocuSign REST API to send document and record information to DocuSign to take over the eSignature process.

Document Overview

This document is divided into quick start, installation, configuration, and using sections.

Installing DocuSign for ApttusThis section includes detailed information on the installation requirements, as well as the post-install configuration that must be completed. This section also serves as a reference for administrators.
Configuring DocuSign for ApttusThis section includes information on creating templates for eSignature documents and creating tags in DocuSign.
DocuSign for Apttus ObjectsThis section includes a list of objects used in DocuSign for Apttus.