Release Added/ ModifiedFeature
Version 9.56 (Spring '21)

Enhancements to Send For eSignature User Interface

New REST API for Send for eSignature

Version 8.49 (Winter '20)

Enhancements to Send For eSignature User Interface

Updates to Send For Echosign Custom Button

Version 8.44 (Summer 2020)Support for Document Versioning
Apttus User Experience Analysis
Version 8.34 (Spring 2020)System Property to Bypass Org-Wide Sharing Settings
Version 7.30 (Winter 2019)Smart Clause Action for eSigned Agreement
Version 6.18 (Spring 2018 MR)Support Added for Salesforce Files
Version 6.13 (November 2016)Support for Status Change when using Adobe Approvals
Version 6.11 (June 2016)

Ability to hide the Related Agreement selection from the Select Attachment page
Ability to update Agreement Status of Related Agreements
Ability to turn off the Attachment Trigger
Version 6.10 (April 2016)Mandatory Selection of Documents and Templates
Version 6.06 (October 2015)Auto-Populate Opportunity and Account
Ability to support Adobe Agreement Templates