Use the Mass Update action to update several records simultaneously. Mass Update applies to all fields displayed in the grid, unless you specify otherwise in Conga Grid Setup. You can update more fields by adding them from the Field Chooser.

Mass Update is disabled for Filtered Lookups. This prevents incorrect values being assigned to records and is designed to keep your data clean. If you would like to use Mass Update with a lookup, filters must be disabled.

By default, Mass Update is restricted to the first page of records. This ensures that you do not accidentally update large numbers of records at once. You can change this setting in Feature Security using the Mass Update (Single Page) and Mass Update (Large Batch) features.

Follow these steps to use Mass Update:

  1. Select the records to update.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Batch Edit > Mass Update.
  4. In the Mass Update screen, click the check boxes of the fields to update, then enter a new value for these fields.
  5. Click OK.

Administrators can decide which fields to mass update by using Conga Grid Setup. Select the object, followed by the object Fields tab. In the Mass Update column, clear the check boxes of fields that should not be updated. Boxes with a line through them indicate they will adhere to default security in Salesforce, while empty check boxes indicate that they cannot be mass updated. Checked boxes indicate fields that can be mass updated.

Watch a video here detailing the Mass Update action.