As an approver, you can easily set up your Out-Of-Office for all your approval requests when you are on leave or set up a backup or delegate when you are Out-Of-Office. You can select a time frame as well as assign someone to receive your notifications, approvals and general tasks.

To set up Out-Of-Office

  1. Go to My Profile > User Detail, under Custom Links click Set Backup/Delegate Approver. The Backup/Delegate Approver page appears.

  2. In Backup Approver, type to search and select a user whom you want to set as the backup user.
  3. Set the Effective Date and the Expiration Date when you will be away and you want the backup user to be active.
  4. In Comments, you can enter a note or comment to specify the purpose of the record.
  5. Click Save.

  6. To activate the backup user, from Backup/Delegate Action, click Activate.