Typically the easiest way to create your own custom template is to clone one of the email templates provided in the unmanaged Apttus samples package and then edit it. After that has been done you can then override the default email templates for all of your approval processes using APTS_ApprovalConfig or on an ad-hoc basis for specific approval requests. 

The Apttus Approvals Management (Customization Samples) package provides email template examples for currently supported objects, as well as for Salesforce Cases, which can subsequently be used as the basis for creating email templates for custom objects you've configured yourself. Also note that Opportunity Product is also used to provide templates for further customization.

You have to specify the email templates in the Approval Process and in the Approvals Custom Config custom setting.

As well as providing samples for templates and the summary page, the pages that are used to provide approval functionality on the custom object record page are also included.

As this package is unmanaged, it cannot be upgraded. If you want to move to the newest version, you must uninstall the existing package and then install the new package. It is recommended you uninstall the samples package after you have created your custom templates and pages.

Queue email address cannot be used for notifications. If Queue has "Send Email to Members" box un-checked - email of current user will be used for notifications (not queue email address). This is due to Salesforce limitations which we cannot bypass.

Installing Customization Samples package

The Apttus Approvals Management (Customization Samples) package contains email templates, components, Visualforce pages and Apex controllers which can help you build you templates and approval summary pages for custom context objects.

The samples contained in the package should not be used 'as is' and are only to be used in the development of your own bespoke templates and pages, and should not be installed in production.

Configuring Email Templates

For a process with header and child process steps, use the Apttus Approval Email Templates. Notification templates are used to create the notifications sent to approvers to alert them to pending approvals and to allow them to approve or decline a request without logging in to Salesforce.

The following approval email notification templates are available as a part of the standard Approvals Management package. These are generic email notification templates that can be used for approvals on any standard or custom objects without any change. However, these notification templates can be customized as needed. Clone these templates if you want to customize your own template.

To view the Quote Header name in the My Approvals page, you must change your existing process definitions or custom config settings to use the new templates provided with this release. If you have already customized an email template to use with CPQ Cart Approvals, you need to include the MyCartApprovalsEmail class inside your custom Visualforce template to correctly launch the My Approvals page that shows the quote id and name fields.

SampleComponent TypeDescription
Apttus My Approvals Notification (Assignment)Visualforce Email TemplateThis template is used to notify users they must decide on an approval request.
Apttus My Approvals Notification (Reassignment)Visualforce Email TemplateThis template is used to notify users that an approval request task initially assigned to them has been reassigned to someone else.
Apttus My Approvals Notification (Escalation)Visualforce Email TemplateThis template is used for auto-escalation. Configuration is required to activate this feature.
Apttus My Approvals Notification (Cancellation)Visualforce Email TemplateThis template is used to notify users that an approval request has been cancelled.
Apttus My Approvals Notification (Notify Only)Visualforce Email TemplateThis template is used to notify users only.