You can ask Max to look up approval records using conversational flows. Max supports approvals for Quotes and Agreements. For information on submitting an approval, refer to Submitting a Quote for Approval and Submitting an Agreement for Approval.  

When you ask Max to look for your approvals, Max displays buttons based on your profile. If you placed the approval request, Max displays approvals where you initially submitted the quote or agreement for approval. If you are the approver, Max displays quote and agreement approvals assigned to you.

Max displays these buttons based on your profile and the approvals related to you:

  • Quote Approvals Submitted
  • Quote Approvals Pending Action
  • Agreement Approvals Submitted
  • Agreement Approvals Pending Action

Click the appropriate button to view the most recent approval records. 

Conversational Flow: Look Up Approvals

The following table describes possible conversational flows between you and Max for looking up quote or agreement approvals. 

Type of LookupConversational Input from UserResponse from Max | Result
Single approval

show me my last agreement approval

Shows the last modified agreement approval you submitted.
Multiple approvals
  • show me the last 3 Approvals
  • show me the 3 most recent quote approvals
Shows the three most recently modified approvals.
Approvals submitted by youshow me approvals I submittedShows the approvals most recently submitted by the user logged into Conga.
Look up approvals based on approval data

show me the approvals I created that are on hold

Shows the approvals submitted by the user logged into the Conga system which has the status, On Hold
show approvals where the approver is John SmithShows approvals assigned to John Smith
Look up approval status

what is the status on the last approval I submittedShows the value of the Approval Request Status field. 
show me my open approvalsMax displays approvals with an Approval Status set to "Notified", "Submitted", "Assigned", "Reassigned", "Approval Required", or "Pending Approval".
show me my closed approvalsMax displays approvals with an Approval Status set to "Cancelled", "Approved", or "Rejected".
Look up approvals with no specific criteria

lookup approvals

Max returns the twenty most recently modified approvals related to you. 

Complex queriesshow me approvals that I submitted recently for ABC that are on hold

Max displays approvals where you are either "initial submitter" or "assigned to," the related account or quote matches the substring "ABC", the created date is within the last 30 days, and the approval status is On Hold

If you do not specify whether the approval is for a quote or an agreement in your lookup query, Max asks if you want to see quote approvals or agreement approvals and displays approvals pertinent to your selection.

You can also approve or reject approvals submitted to you as a follow-up action to looking up approvals. For more information, refer to Follow Up Actions for an Approval.