New Features

Following are the new features introduced in this release:

Notification Control Center

With this release, Apttus Max introduces Notification Control Center. With the Notification Control Center, you can configure and manage all your notifications. Notifications are available across Salesforce and Slack communication channels. You can setup Upcoming Events Notifications and Reminder Notifications utilizing the Notification Control Center.

Mobile Notifications for Contract Management

Max now supports Out-of-the-box Contract Management notifications, deliverable via Slack, Teams, or SF1. The notifications alert you about stages in contract negotiation, important milestones, and offer you context-specific quick action buttons to act on them.

Create Agreements Workflow

With Max, you can now create all types of agreements using conversational workflows.

View Approval Chain

For an approval record, you can now view the entire approval chain along with all the approval process details.

Reassign Approval Records

For an approval record, you can now reassign the approval request to another user using action buttons displayed by Max.

Max App within Slack Directory

Max is now available as an App with Slack. You can directly connect to Max using Slack by opening Max app and typing Hi into the conversation window.

Create NDA Shortcut in Slack

Create NDA conversation is also available as a shortcut action in Slack. To create an NDA, click Create NDA from the message input field and click Create NDA. You can also invoke the create NDA shortcut outside of Max chat. If you click Create NDA from outside of the Max chat window, Max will create an NDA and provide you with a link to navigate the chat window.

New Enhancements

Following are the new enhancements introduced in this release:

Out-of-the-Box Synonyms in Admin Console

Max now displays all the available out-of-the-box synonyms in the Defining Synonym UI.

Action Buttons along with Greeting Message

When you log into Max, Max greets you and provides you with action buttons to initiate your conversation.

Enhanced UI Labels and Help Text on Admin Console

Admin Console Synonym UI is now enhanced with descriptive labels and informative help text.

This One Action Button Replaced with Select Action Button

When Max displays multiple results promoting you to make a selection, the action button This One is now replaced with Select. Click Select to make your selection out of Max's multiple responses.