You can personalize the conversational workflows in Max by defining synonyms for Salesforce fields. This feature helps you in personalizing your Max experience according to your organizational needs. You can define multiple synonyms for a single field. After you have configured the synonyms, you can address the field using your defined synonym and Max understands the fields you are referring to. 

To Define a Synonym

  1. Select a conversational flow from the conversation dropdown menu. Max displays the standard fields of the selected conversational flow. Max also displays the out of the box provided synonyms. 
  2. Enter the synonym next to your field and press Enter. 

    For fields with data type as picklist, you can also provide synonyms for the picklist values.

    To define synonym for the picklist values, click  next to your field.

  3. Click Save and Next. 

Max displays a summarized view of all the configured data. The preview screen displays the basic configurations and the configuration of conversational flow.

Click Submit. Your Max bot is now created.

Embedded Max Configurations

After the successful creation of Max chatbot, the Admin Console displays the data required to embed Max in your Salesforce Instance. 

Copy and save the value of the Custom Label, Named Credentials and OAuth Callback URL. You will need these values while embedding Max in Salesforce UI. 

Download the Tenant Config file.