You can create NDAs in Max using conversational commands. For information on the conversational flow of creating NDAs, refer to Creating Non-Disclosure Agreements

Create NDA Shortcut in Slack

Create NDA conversation is also available as a shortcut action in Slack. For information on create NDA conversational workflow, refer to Creating Non-Disclosure Agreements

Creating an NDA

  1. Click the lightning bolt icon available to the left of the message input field. 
  2. Click Create NDA. Slacks opens the modal window. 
  3. Select an account, provide NDA details and click Save. 

You can also invoke the Create NDA shortcut outside of the direct message interaction with Max. If you are in another channel or chatting with another user, follow the above-mentioned steps to create an NDA agreement. Max will create an NDA and provide you with a link to the created agreement record in Salesforce. You will also receive a notification from Max.