New Features

The following is a summary of features introduced in the Summer 2017 release.

In-Flight Order Changes

The In-Flight Order feature allows you to make subscription date changes on the order line items of an "in-flight" order (orders with the status in "Pending," "In Fulfillment," or "Partially Fulfilled." You can use In-Flight Order Changes when there is a delay in provisioning or fulfillment of the subscription after the order has been confirmed by the customer and before it is fulfilled. Use the amendOrder API to do the following:

  • Change the start date and/or end date of subscription on one or more order line items that are in "Pending," "In Fulfillment," or "Partially Fulfilled" status.
  • Make subscription date changes on a standalone item, bundles, and multiple charge line items.
  • Changes in the subscription start and/or end date will recalculate the price for the line item or bundle after the changes are applied
  • Changes to the order line items are also reflected in the corresponding assets.
  • Order line items that are added from catalog (line status = "New") or created through ABO actions (line status In "Amended", "Cancelled", "Renewed", "Upgraded") can be amended.
  • When In-Flight order change capability is enabled, assets are only created on activation of the order line item.
  • Any order configured directly or generated from a quote, agreement, or E-Commerce can be amended.
  • Amending an order creates a new version of the order to make and track changes and has a reference to the previous version. The previous version of the order and its order line items are "Superseded," once the work-in-progress (In Amendment) changes are confirmed on "Accept" of the "In Amendment" order.

Cloning an Order

You can clone an order and its line items by either using the cloneOrder API or the clone button.