New Features

The following is a summary of features introduced in the Winter 2018 release.

Support for Legal Entities at the Order Level

The Legal Entity field on the Order object can be specified to enable billing and revenue recognition for related legal entities. When an order line item is activated and an asset is created, the Legal Entity value specified in the order header is copied to the Legal Entity field for the corresponding asset line item. 


The following enhancement is introduced in the Winter 2018 release.

Copying Product Attributes from Price Agreement Line Items to Order Line Items for Partial Orders

Product attributes and related line item information from negotiated product configurations is now copied from the Price Agreement (quote or agreement) to the order line items when a partial order is generated. This process only occurs when the "copy from source" flag is enabled through the appropriate API.

Intelligent Order Assistant (Max for Order Management)

The Intelligent Order Assistant (Max) has been enhanced. Max provides a conversational interface embedded in the Salesforce UI, and through other mobile channels, such as Slack and Skype, that allows you to perform the following key order management operations:

  • View Orders
  • View Order Details
  • Cancel Order
  • Amend Order
  • Clone Order
  • Create Order
  • Create Partial Order from Agreements