New Features

The following is a summary of a new feature introduced in the Summer 2020 release.

Splitting an Order

You can now divide an existing order (parent order) into multiple orders (child orders) during the provisioning process. You can split any large order that was created from a Quote, Agreement, or Direct order that has not been amended. Customers now have the ability to generate multiple orders from a single quote either manually or by based on criteria. For better user experience, the platform supports the automatic splitting of an order created through any channel.

Using this feature you can:

  • Split the order on the initiation of acceptance based on customer needs.
  • Split the order post creation and before activation using a select set of criteria.
  • Split the order before it is activated and track the original order id on the split order.
  • Split the order manually by selecting the order lines.
  • Amend or cancel the orders that have been split.