Release Added/ModifiedFeature
Summer '21 (CPQ Version 13.1921)Order Item Activate Batch Size
Order Item Create Batch Size

Spring '21 (CPQ Version 13.1882)

Initiate Billing On Order Creation

Summer 2020 (CPQ Version  12.1787)Splitting an Order
Spring 2020 (CPQ Version 12.1719)Customer Purchase Order Lightning Compatibility
Winter 2019 (CPQ Version 11.1675)No new features were introduced in this release.
Summer 2019 (CPQ Version 11.1603)Automating In-Flight Changes Using Order Workflows
Spring 2019 (CPQ Version 11.1552)Showing bundle details for Price Agreement line Item Enhancements
Winter 2018 (CPQ Version 10.1491)

Supporting Legal Entity at the Order Level
Enhance Partial Orders from Price Agreements to Copy Product Attributes and Related Line Items
Intelligent Order Assistant (Max for Order Management) Enhancements
Create Partial Orders from Customer Price Agreement (Quote/Contract)
Summer 2018 (CPQ Version 10.1463)

Capture and Process CPO
Order Fulfillment Line Lifecycle
Create Sales order from CPO
Mitigating Date Validation Issues
Managing CPO Validation and Enrichment Rules
Spring 2018 (CPQ Version 10.1403)

Partial Order Creation from Quotes or Agreements using APIs
Orders from CPO
Winter 2017 (CPQ Version 10.1358)

Customer Purchase Order (CPO)
Clone Order with Lines
Order Versioning
Order Cancellation
In-Flight Order Updates
Summer 2017 (CPQ Version 10.1298)

Cloning an Order
In-Flight Order Management
November 2016 (CPQ Version 9.1149)Orders UI