Administrators are responsible for setting up Order Management to allow users to create Enrichment and Validation rules for Customer Purchase Orders. Enrichment and Validation rules are created using the Purchase Order Admin (PO Admin) angular user interface. The PO Admin UI provides a step-by-step wizard that allows you to create Data Enrichment and Validation Rulesets which contain one or more Data Validation and/or Data Enrichment rules. For more information on Enrichment and Validation rules, refer to Managing CPO Validation and Enrichment Rules in the Order Management on Salesforce User Guide.

To create a tab for managing Customer Purchase Order Enrichment and Validation rules

  1. Log in to your Salesforce org.

  2. Go to Setup > Tabs.

  3. Under Visualforce, click New.

  4. Click the Visualforce Page drop-down and select PO Admin.

  5. Enter a label for the tab (for example, "PO Admin").

  6. Press tab to autofill the tab API name.

  7. (Optional) Choose a tab style.

  8. Click Next.
  9. Select tab visibility for profiles and click Next.
  10. Select which apps will have access to this tab and click Save.

To configure the Enrichment/Validation object for Customer Purchase Orders

  1. Go to Setup > Objects > Data Enrichment/Validation Ruleset (in Lightning, Setup > Object Manager > Data Enrichment/Validation Ruleset).
  2. Go to Fields & Relationships > Source Data Object
  3. Ignore the initial picklist values. Click New and enter the following with the correct namespace: Apttus_Proposal__Proposal__c, Apttus_Proposal__Proposal_Line_Item__c, Apttus__APTS_Agreement__c, Apttus__AgreementLineItem__c, Apttus_Config2__Order__c, Apttus_Config2__OrderLineItem__c. Click Save.
  4. Go to Fields & Relationships > Target Object to Validate.
  5. Ignore the initial picklist values. Click New and enter the following with the correct namespace: Apttus_Config2__CustomerPurchaseOrder__c, Apttus_Config2__CustomerPOItem__c. Click Save.
  6. Go to Fields & Relationships > Target Object Parent.
  7. Ignore the initial picklist values. Click New and enter the following with the correct namespace: Apttus_Config2__CustomerPurchaseOrder__c, Apttus_Config2__CustomerPOItem__c. Click Save.