Refer to the latest Order Management on Salesforce Release Notes for information on the packages required to install Apttus Order Management.


To use Apttus Order Management, you must perform the following tasks prior to installing the Order Management package:

  1. Enable Salesforce CRM Content: Refer to the CPQ on Salesforce Administrator Guide for steps to perform this task.
  2. Install other Apttus packages: Apttus Order Management requires packages to be installed for Apttus CPQ, as well as packages for any other Apttus applications (such as Approvals, Contract Lifecycle Management, and so on) that you plan to use in conjunction with Order Management. Refer to the latest Order Management on Salesforce Release Notes and the CPQ on Salesforce Administrator Guide for which packages are required.

Apttus recommends downloading and upgrading Apttus packages in a Salesforce sandbox before installing them in your production environment. For information on installing and upgrading in a sandbox, please contact Apttus Support before you install any packages.

To install the Order Management package

  1. Go to the Install Center tab on the Apttus Community Portal.

  2. From the My Packages sidebar, click CPQ.
  3. Find the Apttus Order Management package. From the Version drop-down, select the package version to install.

  4. Click Install Now.
  5. Select the environment where you want to install the package:
    • Click Install in Production to install the packages in your production environment.
    • Click Install in Sandbox to install the package in your sandbox.
  6. Log in to Salesforce.
  7. On the Upgrade page, enter the password provided by Apttus.
  8. Apttus recommends that you select Install for All Users.
  9. If you want to Install for Specific Profiles, you must define the access level for all profiles. Select from one of the following options:
    • No Access: This is the default setting. Apply this access level to disable all object permissions. 

    • Full Access: Apply this access level to assign users permissions to Read, Create, Edit, Delete, View All, and Modify All for all objects in the Order Management package.

  10. Click Set.
  11. Click Upgrade.