Use these processes to get up and running with Conga Orchestrate for several use cases and for an example of how can use Orchestrate in your own business processes

These processes are ready to use as-is, so you can get the feel for how to Orchestrate powers your processes. Clone and modify the processes for your own use cases. Assign steps differently in ways that make sense for your organization and how you have structured your teams in Salesforce.

Standard or custom user lookup fields, Salesforce Account Teams, Queues. Each will work with Orchestrate.

See the videos and steps below to use these processes. Setup and configuration take approximately 5 minutes.

  1. Install Conga Orchestrate from the AppExchange. If you are not familiar with AppExchange, watch this video for a walkthrough on installing Conga Orchestrate.
  2. Configure Conga Orchestrate.

    We recommend configuring Conga Orchestrate to work with the Salesforce Task object and running processes with the Business Process object that comes ready to use with Conga Orchestrate.

  3. Import Conga Orchestrate Processes and try them out.
    1. Download this text file.
    2. Use the downloaded text file to import the Conga Orchestrate Processes.

Follow along as we run one of the example processes in this video overview.