Conga Orchestrateā„¢ allows you to define and execute real-world processes end-to-end in a Salesforce environment. You can define processes on a Campaign, Case, Contract, Lead, Opportunity, Business Process (a custom object added by Conga Orchestrate) as well as any custom object. When you create or edit records in Salesforce, Conga Orchestrate monitors these actions and executes processes when your Definitions match the record.

Conga Orchestrate allows an administrator to perform the following administrative tasks:

  • Install Conga Orchestrate
  • Set Security Permissions
  • Configure and Setup Orchestrate
  • Create and Edit Page Layouts
    • Edit Account Page Layouts For Roles
    • Edit Account Page Layouts for Business Processes
    • Edit Contact Page Layouts for Business Processes
    • Add Process Details and Process Visual Buttons to Page Layouts
  • Configure Custom Objects

  • Configure Non-Working Days

  • Configure Out of Office Link in Classic

  • Create Reports and Gantt Chart 

  • Integrate with Twilio
  • Integrate with SendGrid