Automation Steps are executed in the same way that other process steps are. Automation Steps can have parent steps, be child steps, or be top-level steps.

For information on setting up an Automation Step, see Creating a Step with Process Automation

In Salesforce orgs that upgrade to Conga Orchestrate version 14 or greater, you must run through the Object Setup in Conga Orchestrate Setup and configure the Task object, even if it is already configured.

Troubleshooting Automation Steps

To log Automation Steps for debugging:

  1. Navigate to Setup in Salesforce and use the Quick Find search box to located Custom Settings.
  2. Click Manage hyperlink.
  3. Click Edit and check the Enable RPA Logging checkbox field. 

    When finished diagnosing an issue, make sure to uncheck the checkbox. Leaving the box checked will create unnecessary logging records in the org for any Automation Steps that are fired.

  4. Recreate the issue where the Automation Step is not firing.
  5. Navigate to the Reports tab.
  6. Locate the Web Service Callout Errors Queue report.
  7. Locate the record created when you fired the Automation Step.
  8. Click into the record and locate the Web Service Callout URL.
  9. Review the contents of the Web Service Callout Body field for information about the request. 

    When retrieving this information, follow the previous steps to uncheck the Enable RPA Logging on the Conga Orchestrate Settings custom setting.