Conga Orchestrateā„¢ allows you to define and execute real-world processes end-to-end in a Salesforce environment. You can define processes on a Campaign, Case, Contract, Lead, Opportunity, Business Process (a custom object added by Conga Orchestrate) as well as any custom object. When you create or edit records in Salesforce, Conga Orchestrate monitors these actions and executes processes when your Definitions match the record.

Conga Orchestrate allows a user to perform the following tasks:

  • Create Process Definitions
  • Create Steps
    • Creating a Step that Creates a Record
    • Creating a Step that Generates a Document
    • Create a Step that Posts to Chatter
    • Creating a Step that Sends an Email
    • Creating a Step to Update Records
    • Creating a Step with an Event Placeholder
    • Creating a Step with an API Callout
    • Creating a Step with Robotic Process Automation
    • Creating a Step that Adds Managed Clause Bundles
    • Creating a Step that Adds a Managed Clause
  • Managing the Status of a Step 
  • Initiate a Process
    • Automatically Initiate a Process
    • Manually Initiate a Process
  • Export Definitions
    • Export Multiple Definitions
  • Import Definitions
  • View your Conga Orchestrate Usage

Key Terminology

It is important to understand how terms are used when working with Conga Orchestrate. 

DefinitionDefinition is a container that holds process steps. It is a template for a process and it contains one or more steps. 
StepsDefinitions contain multiple steps. At each step, a record is created, email sent, field updated, the document generated, or API callout sent.