When you create a Customer Purchase Order in Order Management, you need to ensure that the Customer Purchase Order (CPO) you create contains Purchase Order Items (PO Items) that match line items coming from one or more referenced quotes, contracts, or price agreements. To accomplish this, you must configure Validation rules that validate data entered in the CPO against existing data in the price agreement, as well as Data Enrichment rules that automatically enter data for specific fields onto the CPO rather than having to do it manually. When these rules trigger, they display errors or warnings that can be correct by the user creating the CPO before any orders are created.

You can create CPO Validation and Enrichment rules using the Purchase Order Admin (PO Admin) user interface. The PO Admin UI provides a step-by-step wizard that allows you to create a Data Enrichment and Validation Ruleset which contains one or more Data Validation and/or Data Enrichment rules that are triggered based on specified criteria when you are creating your CPO. You can then review and activate these rules prior to accepting the CPO.

Refer to Setting Up Purchase Order Admin in the Order Management Administrator Guide for step-by-step instructions for setting up the PO Admin angular UI.

Use the PO Admin UI to create rulesets containing the following rule types:

  • Data Enrichment Rules: Use these rules to enrich the data in your CPO. For example, the PO item account must be the same as the Proposal Line Item or Source Object Account. You can define the data enrichment rule in order to input this data whenever you create a customer purchase order instead of feeding this data manually.
  • Data Validation Rules: Use these rules to set up data validations for purchase orders or their items so that whenever you specify the values for quantity or fulfilled quantity, a data validation rule is triggered to ensure that the values fall within the specified limits. You can have two types of validations:
    • Warning: This type of data validation rule allows you to continue the operation despite the system warning. However, it warns you to take precautions while creating sales orders.
    • Error: This type of data validation rule does not allow to bypass the error and stops the operation until you mitigate the error before continue creating the sales orders.

Perform the following tasks in this section to create and manage CPO Validation and Enrichment rules.