Activating an order and its associated order line items indicates completion of the order fulfillment process and initiation of additional related downstream processes. Downstream processes include asset activation, billing initiation, revenue recognition, and so on.

Orders and Order Line Items are activated in the following ways:

  • Auto Activate the order on generation from a quote/proposal: The Auto Activate Order flag is set to "true" on the quote/proposal. This generates an order with the status "Activated."

  • Auto Activate the order on generation from an agreement: The Auto Activate Order flag is set to "true" on the agreement. This generates an order with the status "Activated."

  • Set the Ready for Activation Date on the order: The Ready for Activation Date is specified on the order. This activates the order and its line items and initiates any downstream processes (if enabled), such as billing.
  • Set the Ready for Activation Date on the order line item: The Ready for Activation Date is specified on an order line item. This activates the order line item but does not activate the corresponding order unless all of its line items are activated.
  • Auto Activate the order on confirmation (Accept action) of a direct order: The Auto Activate Order? field is set to "true" on the order header. 
  • Activate order and order line items based on the line item fulfilled quantity:
    • Once the Fulfilled Quantity for a given line item is greater than or equal to the Delta Quantity, the Order Line Item status is set to "Fulfilled."
    • Once all the Order Line Items are "Activated", the corresponding order is also marked as "Activated." 

Providing a Legal Entity for Downstream Processes

The Legal Entity field on the Order object can be specified to enable billing and revenue recognition for related legal entities. When an order line item is activated and an asset is created, the Legal entity value specified in the order header is copied to the Legal Entity field for the corresponding Asset Line Item. 

When a quote or agreement has a value for Legal Entity, that value is automatically copied when the quote or agreement is converted to an order. When you place a direct order or the field is not present in the quote or agreement record, you must specify a Legal Entity to enable any downstream processes.