The Order Workflow Rulesets enables the automatic triggering of the split action on quote acceptance, Agreement Activation (Agreement Flow), or Order acceptance ( Direct Order Flow) for a specific selection of order lines as defined by the criteria on the workflow rule.  

Perform the following tasks to set up a Workflow Rule for automating the split order process. 

To create an Order Workflow Rule for a Split Order

You can create only one workflow rule per ruleset. Each workflow rule can contain one or more Workflow Rule Entries.

  1. Create an Order Workflow Ruleset and define the criteria for the workflow ruleset. Refer to To create a new Order Workflow Ruleset and To define criteria for the Workflow Ruleset for step by step instructions.

  2. Click New Order Workflow Rule from the Order Workflow Ruleset page. The New Order Workflow Rule page is displayed.
  3. Enter a Sequence value (begins at "1").
  4. Click the Action drop-down and select Split Order.
    • Split Order: Automatically split an order as per the flow defined in the order workflow rule.
  5. Enter a Description (Optional).
  6. Click the lookup icon and select the ruleset to associate with the rule (automatically filled when the rule is created from a ruleset detail page.)
  7. Click Save.

To create an Order Workflow Rule Entry

  1. Click New Order Workflow Rule Entry from the Order Workflow Rule page. The New Order Workflow Rule Entry page is displayed.
  2. Enter a Sequence value (begins at "1"). This defines the sequence in which to execute the workflow rule entries when the workflow ruleset is triggered.
  3. Click the Context Type drop-down and select Order Line Item.
  4. Click Save.