You can see the order details of your orders after logging into Partner Commerce. My Orders page lists all the orders that you are working with for the selected account.

The following API with the appropriate parameters is used to retrieve the selected account's order data. For more information, click here.

 GET https://<URL_of_the_Instance>/api/order/v1/orders

From the My Orders page, you can:

  • Search for an order: You can search for the order to refine the order list. Enter a keyword related to the name. It displays all orders that contain that keyword.

    The following API with the filter parameter is used to search for the particular order. For more information, click here.

    GET https://<URL_of_the_Instance>/api/order/v1/orders

    For example: https://<URL_of_the_Instance>/api/order/v1/orders?filter=eq(SoldToAccount.Id:'<soldtoaccountID>')&sort=DESC(ModifiedDate)&filter=LIKE(Name:'Test')&Page=1&limit=10

  • Sort the order list: You can sort the order list by clicking the Order Number, Proposal Name, Status, Price List, Bill To, Ship To, Order Amount, Created Date, and Ready For Activation date column names.
  • Set pagination: You can specify how many orders should be displayed on a single page. To enable pagination, go to the per page field on the top right bar and select a value from 10, 20, 30, or 40 orders per page.

  • Filter the order list: You can sort the order list by clicking the filter icon. The Advanced Filters pop-up appears. You can filter the order list based on the following fields. You can also add multiple filter criteria by clicking the Add Criteria button.
    • Bill To
    • Created Date
    • Order Amount
    • Status

The following API with the filter, page, limit, and sort parameters is used for sorting, pagination, and filtering. For more information, click here.

GET https://<URL_of_the_Instance>/api/order/v1/orders

For example: https://<URL_of_the_Instance>/api/order/v1/orders?filter=eq(Status:'Draft')&filter=eq(SoldToAccount.Id:'<soldtoaccountID>')&sort=DESC(ModifiedDate)&Page=1&limit=10

As an experienced buyer, you can also use the Quick-Add () button to add multiple products to the cart and create quotes and orders quickly. For more information, see Using CTA (call-to-action) button.

Creating an Order

As a Partner Sales Representative or Order Desk User, you can create an order on behalf of a customer to help them in ordering products or services. you can add products to the cart and create an order quote by clicking the Request Order button on the cart page. The Create Order page appears.

To create an order

  1. Enter the following details for the order on the Create Order page; however, some of the fields have default values. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory:

    Field NameDescription
    Order Name*Enter the name of the order. By default, it is auto-populated as New Order.
    Price ListShows the name of the price list associated with the account selected. You cannot edit this field.
    Sold ToShows the name of the account associated with the primary contact. You cannot edit this field.
    Primary Contact*

    Search and select the Primary Contact associated with your account.

    Bill To*Shows the Bill To location of the account associated with the primary contact. You can search and select another value to update this field.
    Ship To*Shows the Ship To location of the account associated with the primary contact. You can search and select another value to update this field.
  2. Click Create Order.

You will see a success confirmation popup. To see more information about the order, click VIEW YOUR ORDER. This opens the Order details page.

The following API is used for creating an order. For more information, click here.

POST https://<URL_of_the_Instance>/api/cart/v1/carts/{cartId}/order

The following API with the includes parameter is used for reviewing the created order (on the Review Your Order button). For more information, click here.

GET https://<URL_of_the_Instance>/api/order/v1/orders/{orderId}?includes=items

Viewing and Modifying a Created Order

After creating an order, you can view and modify some of the fields. To view all the orders created by you and belonging to the same account, go to My Accounts > My Orders page.

Click the Order Name link from the Order list page or click the REVIEW YOUR ORDER button from the Create Order confirmation popup. The order page appears where you can view and update the following details:

Order Summary

You can update the Primary Contact, Description, Ship To Account, and Bill To Account fields.

The following API is used for updating the value. For more information, click here.

PATCH  https://<URL_of_the_Instance>/api/order/v1/orders/{orderId}

Line Items

  1. Click the Edit button to edit the line items in a created order to add, clone, modify, and delete items.
  2. After the changes are done, click Confirm Changes.

You can also open the Product Details and Configuration by clicking the product name and wrench icon respectively.

You can only modify the line items when the order is in the Draft stage.

Confirming Orders

As a partner, when a customer places an order or you place an order on behalf of a customer, you must confirm it to sync it with the cart and create the order line items. You can confirm an order which is in Draft status.

To confirm an order

  1. From the order details page, click Confirm Order.

The following API is used for confirming the order. For more information, click here.

POST  https://<URL_of_the_Instance>/api/order/v1/orders/{orderId}/confirm

When an order is confirmed it is automatically generated and presented and the order status changes from Draft to Confirmed.