Following are the new enhancements introduced in this release:

Sequencing Support for Options, Attributes, Attributes Groups, and Option Groups

The product configuration page now displays Attributes, Options, Options Groups, and Attribute Groups in a proper sequence leveraging CPQ metadata information.

Ability to Hide Option Groups and Options

With this release, you can now completely hide an option group and its options within it from the user interface.

  • Select the Is Hidden flag from the Option Group Configuration page to hide option groups. 
  • Use the exclusion type constraint rules to hide excluded options from the list. You must set up the Action Intent as Hide in the Constraint Rule Action.

Support for Modifying Option Groups and Options Within a Bundle Configuration

In a Bundle configuration, from the Option Group configuration, you can now select Modifiable Type setting with values Fixed and Variable. 

  • Selecting Variable enables you to change the quantity of the option products while configuring the product. 
  • Selecting Fixed restricts you from changing the quantity of the option products inside the parent option group.

Setting the Modifiable Type setting to Fixed or Variable impacts only on immediate options. There is no impact on the sub option groups. You must set it on each option group level. This also overrides the minimum and maximum validation.

Support for Required Checkbox for Options

With this release, when you select the Required flag for an option product in CPQ, it is considered in Partner Commerce. When you select the Required checkbox, it is selected by default in the configuration.

If there is a minimum quantity of 0 specified on the required option, the minimum quantity is ignored. The default quantity is 1 and you cannot change the quantity to 0.