Partner Commerce

Apttus Partner Commerce empowers enterprises to quickly evolve and scale global Partner-Channel selling strategies. Apttus Partner Commerce provides enterprises with the agility, speed and scale to create unique, valuable experiences for their channel partners that drive greater sales and therefore revenue. From streamlining and simplifying partner-selling scenarios involving Configure Price Quote, Apttus Partner Commerce scales channel selling strategies quickly.

Functional Capability Summary

Feature Category

Functional Capabilities

  • Login with license check
Product / ServicesPartner Commerce supports
  • One-time, recurring, usage standalone products with attributes
  • One-time, or recurring bundle products
  • Multi-charge standalone or bundle products

Partner Orders

  • My Orders

  • Create order

  • Edit order

  • View order details

  • Generate order

  • Present order

  • Confirm order and make Payment

  • Email notification on order status Change

  • List View
  • Grid View
  • Category Filtering (Faceted Filtering)
  • Product search with typeahead
  • Product Family filtering
  • Sorting
  • Pagination
  • Quantity Selection
  • Add to Cart / Configuration
  • Breadcrumbs (Category drilldown)
Product Details
  • Product images
  • Product description
  • Product specification 
  • Product configuration
  • Marketing collateral attachments
  • Price Summary for bundled products
Supported Pricing
  • Simple Pricing
  • Matrix-based pricing (Product Attributes / Dimensions)
  • Tiered Pricing
  • View and select options
  • Option-based pricing
  • View and select attributes at the product level
  • Attribute-Based Pricing
  • Min/Max quantity rules
  • Configuration level pricing rollups
  • Recommended products
Mini Cart
  • View selections
  • Delete cart items
  • Update quantity
  • View selections
  • Change quantity
  • Delete items
  • Navigation to Product Details
  • Price breakdown / Totals
  • Update price
Order History
  • List of past orders (Status / Total)
  • Order details (Summary + items + Configuration summary)
  • Order and order line status
Account Management
  • View account details
  • View user information
  • Change password
  • Account Locations / Address Management
Manage Carts
  • Multiple in-progress carts
  • Identify primary cart
  • Make changes to any existing cart
  • Language Translation