New Features 

The following features are new to Conga Push Upgrade in this release.

Introducing Conga Push Upgrade

The Conga Push Upgrade is an automated tool that upgrades packages available in your Salesforce org (Production or Sandbox) to the latest versions. It allows the user to register an org with the Push Upgrade system. Once a customer registers for push upgrades, their org will be upgraded automatically to the latest package versions as long as push upgrades are enabled. The following roles participate in the Push Upgrade process.

Introducing Org Registration Form UI

Org Registration Form UI allows the system administrators to register an org with the Push Upgrade system. 

Introducing Early Feedback UI 

Once the org is registered, you must run the early feedback program on the org before initiating the push upgrade. Early Feedback UI provides users an ability to get early feedback on the upgrading by running the Golden Test Suite in the existing version of our service in the registered org. The Golden Test Suite comprises pre-defined test cases (including out-of-the-box API-based tests), and they run once on the registered org before and after the upgrade.