In these release notes, you can find packages, requirements, features, enhancements, fixed issues, and known issues for the Conga Push Upgrade December '21 release. For documentation updates, see What's New in Conga Push Upgrade documentation.

This documentation may contain descriptions of software features that are optional and for which you may not have purchased a license. As a result, your specific software solution and/or implementation may differ from those described in this document. Please contact your CSM or AE for information on your specific features and licensing.

System Requirements and Supported Platforms   

For information pertaining to the requirements and recommendations, you must consider before you proceed with the installation of the Conga product, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms Matrix.

New Features 

The following feature is new to Conga Push Upgrade in this release.

New features in Org Registration Form

  • Add-on option: Conga push upgrade now also handles the non-conga managed packages (for example, Adobe Sign) in the upgrade process.
  • Conga Package Access is renamed to Set Package Access. This feature allows you to choose the profile(s) and package(s) to install a specific package to specific profile(s) during the upgrade. For example, you can choose one of the following options while setting up the package access.
    • Install for Admins Only.
    • Install for All Users.
    • Install for Specific Profiles.

For detailed registration information, see Org Registration Form.


There are no new enhancements in this release.

Fixed Issues

There are no fixed issues in this release.

The following table lists the known issue fixed from the previous release.

Conga Internal IDDescription

The tooltip message is displayed incorrectly on the Push Upgrade Schedule Details page. When you upgrade multiple orgs through the scheduler, the tooltip display as Schedule is in progress even though the upgrade for the scheduled org is completed.

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.

DOC ID: CPUDEC21RN20211103