Do I need to register my orgs individually? 

Yes. You must register your orgs with Conga Push Upgrade individually.

Can I register multiple sandboxes with Push Upgrade?


Can I register my org with any Salesforce Profile?

No. It would help if you had a System Administrator profile to register your org with Push Upgrade.

Does Conga Push Upgrade handle the sequencing part of the package upgrade process?


What do you mean by “Install for Admin only”?

It provides full access to users with a system admin profile for the new and updated components as part of the upgrade.

How do I install dependent packages which are pre-requisites to get into the latest release?

Conga Push Upgrade handles dependencies with Conga published packages.

Can Conga Push Upgrade handle the installation or upgrade of dependent version for Non-Conga packages?

Yes. Conga Push Upgrade can handle dependencies with non-Conga packages. Currently, Conga Push Upgrade handles the installation and upgrade of Adobe Sign (non-Conga package) for the latest Conga CLM (Conga managed package).

Does the Conga Push Upgrade store customer/subscriber org’s user credentials?

No, Conga Push Upgrade uses the OAuth mechanism that authorizes the Conga Push Upgrade system to access the given org through the exchange of tokens.

From which release onwards org could be upgraded using Conga Push Upgrades?

Conga release managed packages of an org should be on Spring ’17 release or later.

What if I find an issue after the upgrade?

Please contact the Conga Technical Support team and raise a case for the issue. 

Do I need to re-register after the sandbox refresh?

Yes. You must re-register your sandbox after refresh.