Perform the following steps to initiate registration of an org for push upgrades. 

  1. Launch Conga Push Upgrade's registration page. You are redirected to the Conga Push Upgrade's welcome page.

  2. On the welcome page, click Register Sandbox or Register Production based on your Salesforce Org. System Administrators are redirected to the Salesforce login page. On successful login, you are redirected to the connected app called Conga Push Upgrade CA, which prompts you to allow access to the org information.

    The Push Upgrade system uses the OAuth mechanism to integrate with the subscriber’s salesforce org. Refer to the Connected APPs and Manage Access to a Connected App for more information.

  3. Click Allow. The Conga Push Upgrade page is displayed with the following tabs. By default, the Org Registration Form tab is selected. 



    Org Registration Form

    Provides a form to authorize Conga to upgrade the given org with the latest Conga managed packages and dependant packages, if any.

    The dependency packages are installed only when an installed managed package upgrade requires it. Then only the managed package is installed.

    Installed Release DetailsProvides the details of the currently installed Conga packages in the given org and the latest package versions available when upgrading. 

    The Org Registration Form tab contains the following details. 

    Field Name

    Sub Fields



    Org Registration Form (Non-Editable)

    Organization NameRead-OnlyIndicates the name of the org registering for push upgrades

    Organization IDRead-OnlyIndicates ID of the org registering for push upgrades

    Organization EditionRead-OnlyIndicates the edition type of the org registering for push upgrades

    EnvironmentRead-OnlyIndicates the Sandbox or Production.


    Logged in username.

    Email IDRead-OnlyDisplays the subscriber's email ID
    Set Package AccessTo set the accessibility for conga packages Button

    This feature provides the ability to set the accessibility for Conga Packages to be upgraded with the Conga Push Upgrade. 

    Early Feedback ProgramNANAProvides details of early feedback program
    NotesNANAProvides information about documentation links and CSP trusted sites.
  4. Click Set Package Acces. A Conga Package Access Control pop-up window is displayed with the list of packages and their dependent packages (currently installed in your org). 

  5. Select the radio button for each package and toggle one of the following options.

    • Install for Admin Only: Select this to provide full access to users with a system administrator profile for the new and updated components as part of the upgrade. 
    • Install for All Users: Select this to provide full access to all the users.

    • Install for Specific Profiles: Select this to choose the profiles to install and provide access to the packages. 

      • To install a specific package for one particular profile,

        1. Click the radio button (Which profiles do you prefer to give full access to?).

        2. Select required user profiles from the dropdown.

          Toggle the Install For Specific Profiles to add the user profiles for all conga Packages. By default, the System Administrator profile is selected.
  6. Click Save.
  7. The Add-Ons section displays the non-Conga packages available in the org. For example, the Adobe Sign (non-Conga) is a non-conga package and it is a prerequisite for Conga EchoSign packages. by default, the consent checkbox is enabled. The Adobe Sign package is upgraded only when,
    • The system administrator provided the consent to conga for auto-upgrade id non-conga package.
    • The org is not installed with the active versions of Conga CLM Adobe Sign Integration or Conga Quote EchoSign Integration packages for the upgrade.
    • The installed Adobe Sign package in your org does not have the required version depending on the release upgrade request.
    To provide consent, click the checkbox in the Add-Ons section. 
  8. Click the Submit button to register your org with push upgrades and save your preferences. A notification User preference Saved is displayed.
  9. The Early Feedback pop-up window is displayed. In addition, an email notification is sent to the system administrator on successful registration to display the list of packages, dependent packages (if any), and non-conga managed packages handled during the upgrade process. The email shows non-Conga managed packages if you have allowed upgrading the non-conga managed packages in step 7. 

  10. To proceed with the early feedback program, click Try Now. A Conga Automation Dashboard is displayed.