It’s finally here! Our Summer ’21 Release is now live, and we're thrilled to share all the new features. There are too many details to list here, but we wanted to share some of the highlights across our product portfolio. Visit the Conga Documentation Portal for more information on each key feature.   

  • Contracts  

    • Contracts for Salesforce (CFS): Easily swap alternate clauses with Online Contract Collaboration (OCC) 
    • Conga CLM: 1. Enhanced user experience to activate and publish agreements. 2. Online Contract Collaboration (OCC) provides better user experience and supports redlining capabilities for third-party documents imported via XAC2.0. 3. Smart Search is now GA!
    • Conga Contracts: 1. Simplify integration with enterprise systems with enhanced and robust REST APIs. 2. Improve signer experience with Conga Sign’s multiple documents feature 
    • X-Author for Contracts: Enhanced user experience within XAC2.0 templating experience



    • Conga CPQ: Improved usability, Pricing Waterfall updates, and Turbo Charged Digital Commerce improvements 


    Digital Document & Automation 

    • Conga Composer: Email integration with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), PDF versioning options, and Conga Courier End of Life
    • Conga Orchestrate and Contracts for Salesforce update: Simplification testing and troubleshooting of contracts-focused process definitions
    • Conga Grid: Usage reports for team tracking
    • Conga Sign: Sending multiple documents, the ability to remove signer reassignment, and additional capabilities with sender email notifications


Here is a list of release resources, curated just for you!

Happy learning!

The Conga Team