To add button and related list to the object's page layout

  1. Navigate to the Object Manager in Salesforce Setup.
  2. Click on the object where you configured Conga Sign.
  3. Click Page Layouts.
  4. Click [Object] Layout.
  5. Click Buttons > Send with Conga Sign and drag onto the page's Custom Buttons section.
  6. Click Mobile & Lightning Actions Send with Conga Sign and drag onto the page's Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section.
  7. Click Related Lists > Conga Sign Transactions and drag to the page's Related Lists section.
  8. Click Save.
  9. OPTIONAL: The Conga Sign Transactions Related Listed defaults to recommended columns. If you want to customize the columns:
    • Click the wrench icon to access the related list properties.
    • Add desired fields to the Related List and arrange them in the preferred order.
    • OPTIONAL: Sort by descending for newest on top.
    • Click Ok.
  10. Save the page layout.

The Conga Sign configuration process involves running the Automatic Configuration from the Conga Sign Setup tab and modifying the page layout of the object in which you're utilizing the Conga Sign.