Conga Sign integrates with Conga Collaborate and Conga Contracts in addition to the standard Salesforce integration. The feature comparison matrix below depicts available Conga Sign features for each product integration.

FEATUREConga Sign for SalesforceConga Sign for Conga CollaborateConga Sign for Conga Contracts
Send for Signature functionalityYesYesYes
Basic TagsYesYesYes
Custom TagsYesYesYes
Setting tags as optionalYesNoNo
Parallel Routing TypeYesNoYes
Serial Routing TypeYesYesYes
Custom Email SubjectYesYesNo
Custom Email MessageYesYesYes
Audit TrailYesYesYes
Reassign signersYesNoYes
Tagging user interfaceYesNoYes
Write back tagsYesNoNo
Branding in the Signing user interfaceYesNoNo
Transaction expirationsYesNoNo
Transaction expiration remindersYesNoNo
SMS AuthenticationYesNoNo
Transaction RemindersYesNoYes
Attachment TagsYesNoNo
Business UnitsYesNoNo
Multiple DocumentsYesNoYes

The Conga Sign Audit Trail is accessible in Conga Contracts by clicking a completed signature or initial tag in the final Conga Sign document. For more information, see Conga Sign Integration with Conga Contracts topic in the Conga Contracts Administrator Guide.