The following table lists changes in the documentation to support each release.

Document Topic Description
Spring '21 Rev ASetting for Conga Sign Connected AppModified topic. Added content about Refresh Token Policy.
What's in the Conga Sign Package?Modified topic. Updated custom object and tabs list.
Using Conga Sign with Conga ComposerModified topic. Added a note about sending multiple documents.
Spring '21

Setting Guided SigningNew topic. 
Removing Conga Logo from Signature and InitialNew topic. Added missing feature.
Configuring Require Drawn Signature SettingNew topic. Added missing feature.
Setting up a Process Builder for Conga Sign TransactionNew topic. Added missing feature.
Winter '20Attachment TagsNew Topic
List of Conga Sign Signature TagsUpdated Topic
Audit TrailUpdated Topic

Business Units

New Topic
Configuring Business UnitsNew Topic
Choosing a Default Business UnitNew Topic
Customizing Your LogoUpdated Topic
Customizing EmailsUpdated Topic
Creating New Recipients in Create Transaction UINew Topic
Sending Documents for eSignatureUpdated Topic
Conga Sign ParametersUpdated Topic