Conga Sign allows you to choose how completed documents are delivered to recipients. Navigate to Conga Sign Setup and select one of the options described below. The selected method applies to all Conga Sign Transactions created moving forward.

Final Document Delivery Options

Administrators can choose from the following three final document delivery methods in the Final Document Delivery section of Conga Sign Setup:

  • PDF Attachment
    • The final document delivered as a PDF attachment in an email.

      This is the default final document delivery method for Conga Sign Transactions.

  • Download Link
    • The final document is downloadable through a download link delivered in an email.
    • Upon clicking the View Document button in the initial email, users then click the Download Document button to download the final document as a PDF file.
    • The download link delivery option supports final documents with a file size of up to 50MB.
    • The download link expires five days from when it is delivered in an email. Recipients can simply click the Send new link button in the expired download link window to request a new download link.
  • Attachment and Link
    • The final document is attached as a PDF file in an email and is also downloadable as a PDF file through a download link.
    • All information from the options above applies to the Attachment and Link option.

Final documents greater than 10MB are only accessible through a downloadable link, regardless of the selected delivery option.