Conga CPQ Best Practices: Governor Limits explains Salesforce governor limits and best practices for extending CPQ on Salesforce.

What's CoveredThis guide explains the best practices to configure and extend CPQ functionalities. The guide covers error scenarios and recommendations to handle such errors.
Primary Audience

This document is intended for:

  • Implementation teams that customize and extend the standard functionality provided by CPQ on Salesforce
  • CPQ Administrators
IT Environment

Refer to the latest Conga CPQ Release Notes for information on System Requirements and Supported Platforms.

Other Resources
  • Conga CPQ User Guide: Refer to this guide for information on features and use cases of CPQ.

  • Conga CPQ Administrator Guide: Refer to this guide for information on configuring CPQ.
  • Conga CPQ Release Notes: Refer to this document for information on system requirements and supported platforms, new features and enhancements, resolved issues, and known issues for a specific release.

  • Conga CPQ SOAP API Guide: Refer to this guide for information on the SOAP APIs provided by CPQ.
  • Conga CPQ REST API Guide: Refer to this guide for information on the REST APIs provided by CPQ.

This guide provides the following information:

  • Established governor limits of Salesforce

  • Best Practices to avoid governor limits

  • Handling governor limits when encountered

  • Guidelines for CPQ
  • Recommendations to improve the performance in different areas of CPQ
  • Parameters contributing to the performance of CPQ

Before using CPQ, you must be familiar with the following:

  • Advanced Salesforce administration

  • Salesforce and Conga terms and definitions