Use the Conga documentation portal to find relevant information quickly. 

Landing Page 

The documentation portal landing page consists of three parts: the header, the main page, and the footer. 

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The main page displays the latest product documentation tiles. Clicking the product tile displays the product landing page. 

The product tiles are arranged into categories (pillars) and further alphabetically. Click the Category drop-down at top right to select a pillar and products within it. For example, if you are working on the Digital Documents pillar, you can bookmark it for easy access and navigation to the product documentation it contains.

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The header links enable you to navigate to other useful documentation. 

  • All Product Docs: This section comprises of all product documentation from n to n – 2 releases. Documentation from before the n – 2 release is available in the Doc Archive. 
  • Release Notes: All product release notes including patch releases from n to n – 2 are available here. 
  • Release Announcements: All announcements for upcoming releases are showcased through the product release calendar, along with other useful information, like retirement schedules.
  • General: This section contains technical documentation for multiple products, such as best practices, system requirements and supported platforms, dependency matrices, and more. 
  • Doc Archive: This section comprises of all older product documentation in PDF format from n – 1 to 2017 releases. 

Documents from before 2017 and AIC documentation are handled on a case-by-case basis. You may need to raise a request with Conga Technical Publications to get a PDF copy of such documents. 

Product Landing Page 

Clicking the product tile directs you to the product's landing page. You can select the required documentation using the Platform and Release pickers, as shown in the image below. The Salesforce platform documentation for the latest release appears by default.

You will see:

  • Platform picker for products offered on both Salesforce and Conga Platform. 
  • Release picker for products offered on the Salesforce with n to n – 2 releases available.


The URL of the page indicates whether you are viewing Salesforce or Conga Platform documentation. For example, the URL below indicates that the document is for the Salesforce platform: 

Inside the Document 

 Clicking a topic from the product tile directs you to the document.

Switching between the Salesforce and Conga platforms on a topic that is not available in the selected platform results in error 404.

Doc Portal Search 

A comprehensive search finds relevant information using global and live searches. While global search appears on the landing page, Live Search is available within the product documentation to provide quick results within that product guide.

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Quick search results appear as you enter your search in the search box. You must enter at least three characters for the quick results to appear. For a complete list of search results, press the Enter key or click the search (magnifying glass) button. 

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You can use the filters to narrow down the search results. First, choose the appropriate product. Based on your product selection, you will see the following filter criteria:

  • Platform: If the selected product is available on both Salesforce and Conga Platform, the Platform selection filter appears. 
  • Release: If the selected product is available from the n to n – 2 releases, the Release selection filter appears. 

The default search logic in the doc portal is an OR operator. Therefore, if you search with multiple strings, the doc portal will perform an OR search. For example, if you search for Digital Commerce, the search will find results for "Digital", "Commerce", and "Digital Commerce". This search might return some results you don't want. To perform an AND search, wrap the search string in double quotation marks, i.e., "Digital Commerce". This search returns results containing "Digital Commerce" verbatim. 

Quick result is not available on the article page. Type the keywords and press Enter on the article page to see search results. 

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Use the Documentation Feedback link to provide doc portal-related feedback only. Example: Broken links, missing images, navigation-related issues, and so on. You may also use this link to provide constructive feedback for user-friendly navigation.  

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For documentation gaps like missing steps, incorrect info, helpful use cases, customer implementation-based feedback for improving the documentation and more, raise a DOCS Jira (excluding product enhancement requests).