New Features

The following features are new to Conga TurboEngines in this release.

Option Group Scope

Conga TurboConfig introduces support for option group as Product Scope in rules condition. With this feature, you can now make a rule applicable only for an individual option group. This feature supports Inclusion, Exclusion, Validation, Replacement, and Recommendation Rules. Note that this feature is supported for server-side rules only. It is not supported for client-side rules.

Price Calculation: Use of Dated Exchange Rates

Conga TurboPricing introduces the Use of Dated Exchange Rates. This feature supports the following scenarios.

  • List Price
  • Price Matrices
  • Product Option Price
  • Conditional charge type
  • Custom field Pricing
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Related Pricing
  • Price Rule Sets (if and only if currency conversion is turned on)
  • Price Tiers
  • Formula Pricing (With Reference Type)
  • Rounding mode
  • Promotion
  • Proration
  • Contract Price

Version History

This feature allows the user to compare the different versions in order to check the differences. 

Validate QueryModel

This feature allows the user to validate the details of entities or fields used in Callback queries against the extensibility data sources.

Download Callback

This feature allows the user to download the required callback.

Edit Callback Project page UI

Following new icons added to the Edit Project page UI.

  • Code Warnings: Displays the code warnings at the bottom.

  • Format: Formats and aligns the code (C#) in the editor.

  • Go To Line: To jump to the specific line in the editor.

  • Find: To search a term in the editor.

  • Code Difference: To compare and find the differences between Last Saved Code or Last Imported Code & and Current Code.

  • Auto Complete: To view the auto-complete suggestions on the project code (C#) editor. 
  • Collapse & Expand Code: To collapse and expand the code blocks on the project code (C#) editor.


Following are the new enhancements in this release

Salesforce Object API Names in Sync Settings UI

The API name of a Salesforce object is now displayed in the Sync Settings UI in addition to the label. The API name is displayed on the following pages and windows:

  • Sync Settings
  • Sync Settings > Manage Object
  • Sync Settings > Manage Object > Manage Fields
  • Sync Settings > Manage Object > Add Index

Error Log File Updates

The sync error log file naming convention has been updated to include the sync Id and current date and time. Error logs are sorted in the Run History Details by default from the most recent sync operation in descending order.

Deal Manager Data Sync

TurboEngines Data Sync has added support for Conga Deal Manager.