New Features

The following are new to TurboEngines in this release.

Importing a callback

The Import feature provides a mechanism to import the callback project (.zip file). Using this feature, you can move the callback code to a different environment if required.

Related Pricing Callback Interface

The interface provides you the capability to define custom logic for calculating the pricing for related product line items. The prices in the related product line items are dependant on the price of other line items.

TurboConfig Data Sync

Administrators can now leverage TurboEngine Data Sync services for TurboConfig product configuration master data. TurboEngine Data Sync is a service provided parallel to the Flexible Computing Platform for syncing master data between Conga applications and TurboEngines at regular scheduled intervals and on-demand. TurboConfig administrators can now make use of the TurboEngine Data Sync Admin application to configure and manage master data sync.

Push-Based Sync

You can now enable simple or complex objects for push-based sync. This takes advantage of PushTopic Events in Salesforce that notify the data sync service when one or more records have been created, updated, or deleted, or when changes have been made to a record based on a specific PushTopic query. When you enable an object for PushTopic sync, any time activity in Salesforce meets the criteria for a PushTopic Event, the corresponding object and its data will be synced for the applicable consumer profile.

Sync Indexes

You can now create sync indexes for objects added to sync settings. You can create sync indexes with user-friendly names to increase performance significantly for objects with a significant amount of records.

Data Sync Email Notifications

Administrators can now enable email notifications in the TurboEngines admin application to send email notifications to the administrator account whenever a sync operation fails or is partially successful. Administrator can enable and configure email notifications in the TurboEngines Data Sync Admin application.

Changes and Additions to Run History Status

The following changes and additions have been made to sync status in data sync Run History:

  • 'Partial Success' status has been added to the list of possible statuses displayed in Run History and Run Details. 'Partial Success' indicates that the sync was successful for some object but failed for one or more objects. Administrators can view details and take action from the Run History tab.
  • 'Queued' status has been changed to 'Preparing'.
  • 'Cancelled' status has been changed to 'Aborted'. 

Retry Data Sync

You can now retry a sync operation from the Run Details screen. Retrying data sync is available when a sync for one or more objects fails during the sync process. You cannot retry a sync with the status 'Aborted'.

Download Sync Error Report from Run Details

You can now download an error message report from Run Details after one or more objects fail to sync. The error messages report contains detailed error message information for debugging issues encountered during sync.