Admin Settings are system properties that have different values, and you can use them for different purposes. Use the following admin settings, along with customs settings, to conform your implementation's behavior to your unique business requirements. 

To create admin entries

  1. Log in to Salesforce.

  2. Click + and click Admin. All the out-of-the-box admin settings are displayed on the Admin home page. Based on your organization's requirements, you can add or create new Admin entries.

  3. To create a new Admin entry, click New.
  4. Type Name, Value, and Code for the admin setting and click Save. Your new admin entry is saved and added.

Admin Settings in TurboEngines

The following content provides information about admin entries available for TurboEngines along with their values and purposes. The following properties enhance the performance of the pricing engine. 


APTS_PricingCartRestoreMode allows you to restore the line items when they are modified after saving the cart. Whenever you modify the line items after saving the cart, those modifications must display on the cart page whenever you launch the cart. To achieve this, you must configure the following admin setting to communicate line item changes between Salesforce and TurboPricing. This setting was formerly known as APTS_RestoreLinesOnChange.

For any reason, if you relaunch the cart when the turbo cart does not exist, CPQ ignores this setting and restores the full cart in the turbo flow. This setting becomes effective from the subsequent cart launch.



Data TypeString
  • Quick:  CPQ sends price pending line items to turbo pricing on cart launch.
  • Full: CPQ restores the complete payload for all line items.