You can enable or disable email notifications from the Data Sync Admin UI. When enabled, an email notification is sent to the applicable recipients a sync fails or is partially successful ('Failed' or 'Partial Success').

The From email corresponds to the email address specified in "My Email Settings" for the Salesforce profile associated with the Data Sync admin user. 

To configure email notifications

  1. Go to the Sync Settings page.
  2. From the upper-right hand corner of the Sync Settings tab, select the settings drop-down ) and click Email Notification Settings. The Email Notification Settings dialog is displayed.
  3. Click the Email Notification toggle to enable or disable email notifications.
  4. Enter a valid email address in the Email field and click the Add  )icon. The email address is displayed below the field if added successfully. Click the delete icon (  ) to the right of an email address to remove it from the list.
  5. Click Submit

You must add at least one valid email address to enable email notifications.