Your provisioning request for TurboConfig or TurboPricing must include specific information related to your tenant. Before your org can be provisioned, you must gather the required information and provide it to Conga Technical Support. What information must be collected will differ depending on the service you are provisioning.

Configure a Connected App to use with TurboEngines before collecting the information described in this topic.

Refer to the following table for all required pre-provisioning information:

While implementing TurboPricing, any Id (15-character Id) that is returned from Salesforce is converted to an 18-character Id for the proper functioning of TurboPricing. 

ConfigurationRequired for ServiceDescription
OrgIdTurboConfig, TurboPricing

This is the Salesforce Organization ID of the org to be provisioned for the TurboEngine service. To locate your Organization ID:

  1. Log in to the org to be provisioned.
  2. Go to Setup > Company Profile > Company Information > Organization ID.
  3. Copy the 15-character ID (to be converted into 18 characters). You can add any random characters to the Org ID for conversion.

For example, TenantId = 00d3i000000qn7xAAA

TierTurboConfig, TurboPricingThe Tier (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) to be provisioned. If no tier is provided, then Bronze is selected by default.
Org TypeTurboConfig, TurboPricingOrg type to be provisioned (sandbox or production)
Tenant NameTurboPricing, TurboConfigThe one-word tenant name used for the tenant endpoint (for example, customername-sandbox)
Consumer KeyTurboConfig, TurboPricingThe consumer key ( client-id  in OAuth 2.0) generated from your Connected App. Refer to Creating a Connected App.
Consumer SecretTurboConfig, TurboPricingThe secret key (client-secret  in OAuth 2.0) generated from your Connected App. Refer to Creating a Connected App
Salesforce User NameTurboConfig, TurboPricing

Admin username for the org to be provisioned with read/write access to Conga CPQ (used by Conga Technical Support for verifying settings)

Salesforce PasswordTurboConfig, TurboPricingPassword for the Salesforce admin user.

The URL used to verify session Id for TurboPricing (,, or a custom Salesforce domain)

InstanceURLTurboPricingThe URL is given by the UI after logging into the org to be provisioned (for example,
OAuthTokenURLTurboConfigSalesforce token endpoint URL (this will be or, depending on your Org Type)
Contact EmailTurboConfig, TurboPricingThe email to send the notifications on the successful provision.
Data Volume SettingsTurboConfig, TurboPricing

Provide the following entity information to Cloud Ops to perform the sizing accordingly.

  • Estimated Total Number of Search Filters

  • Estimated Total Number of Asset Line Items

  • Estimated Total Number of Deal Guidance Rules

  • Estimated Total Number of Price Rules

  • Estimated Total Number of Price List Items

  • Estimated Total Number of Price Matrixes

  • Estimated Total Number of Products (count of product records in product2 object)

Activate Multiple CurrenciesTurboPricing
Verify if the Activate Multiple Currencies option is selected in the org.
  • If the option is selected, add "MultipleCurrenciesEnabled": true in the tenant configuration file with the help of DevOps/CloudOps,  
  • If the option is not selected, add "MultipleCurrenciesEnabled": false in the tenant configuration file with the help of DevOps/CloudOps.

After collecting all the required information, provide it with your tenant provisioning request to Conga Technical Support.