To install pre-release X-Author, you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Download the X-Author for Contracts pre-release manifest file.
  2. Deploy the X-Author for Contracts add-in using Office 365. 
  3. Create an admin entry in Conga CLM.

To download the pre-release X-Author for Contracts

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to the Conga Community Portal.
  3. Select Resources and click Install Center.
  4. Click Pre-release.
  5. To download the manifest file, click Download available for X-Author for Contracts Preview Release.
  6. In the Download File window, click Confirm Download. The manifest file Apttus.XAuthor.App.PreProduction.xml is downloaded.

Use the Centralized Deployment approach to install the X-Author for Contracts add-in. For more information about installing the  X-Author for Contracts add-in using Centralized Deployment, see Centralized Deployment

To create admin entry for X-Author for Contracts

After installing the X-Author for Contracts pre-release, you must create an admin entry APTS_XAAddInLoadType in Conga CLM and set the value to "centralized". For more information about this admin entry, see Conga CLM for Administrators.