You can install the production X-Author for Contracts add-in using Centralized Deployment via the Office 365 admin center. Centralized Deployment supports both the Windows and Mac operating systems and the deployment approach is the same for both. 

To install the production X-Author for Contracts add-in, the Office 365 administrator must first deploy the X-Author for Contracts add-in in Office 365. Deploying the add-in is a one-time activity. An administrator must first install the add-in before deploying it in their organization for the entire organization, for users, or for groups. The users with assigned add-in access, must insert add-in in their Microsoft Word

After using Centralized Deployment to install the add-in, an administrator must take the following actions to assign the add-in to new users: 

  • If the add-in is assigned to Everyone, no action is required.

  • If the add-in is assigned to a Group, the administrator must add new users to the group. 
  • If the add-in is assigned to Specific users, the administrator must give access to new users. 

When the administrator assigns the add-in to new users, they must insert add-in in their Microsoft Word.

This table provides an overview of administrator and user actions that must be performed for different use cases: 

Use CaseAssign UsersAdmin ActionUser Action
Assigning add-in to users during the first-time installationEveryone/Group/Specific usersDeploy X-Author for Contracts add-inInsert X-Author for Contracts add-in
Assigning add-in to new users after installationEveryone No actionInsert X-Author for Contracts add-in
Group Add new users to the groupInsert X-Author for Contracts add-in
Specific users Give access to new usersInsert X-Author for Contracts add-in

Deploying X-Author for Contracts add-in

As an Office 365 administrator, you can deploy the X-Author for Contracts add-in and assign the add-in directly to a user, to multiple users via a group, or to everyone in your organization. 


Installing production X-Author for Contracts

To install production X-Author, you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Download the X-Author for Contracts production manifest file.
  2. Deploy the X-Author for Contracts add-in using Office 365. 
  3. Create an admin entry in Conga CLM.

To download the production X-Author for Contracts manifest file

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to the Conga Community Portal.
  3. Select Resources and click Install Center.
  4. Under My Packages, click Contract Management.
  5. Scroll to Conga X-Author for Contracts, and click Download to download the manifest file. 
  6. In the Download File window, click Confirm Download. The manifest file Apttus.XAuthor.App.Production.xml is downloaded.

To deploy X-Author for Contracts add-in 

  1. Sign in to Office 365. 
  2. Select the app launcher icon in the upper left and select Admin.
  3. In the navigation menu, click Show more, then select Settings and click Services & add-ins.
  4. Select Deploy Add-In, review the requirements, and click Next.
  5. On the Centralized Deployment page, select I have the manifest file (.xml) on this device option.
  6. Click Browse to locate the manifest file (.xml) you want.
  7. On the Assign Users page, choose from Everyone, Specific Users/Groups, or Only me. Use the search box to find the users and groups to whom you want to deploy the add-in.
  8. Click Deploy

The X-Author for Contracts add-in is added in Office 365. Users who have permission can directly insert the add-in in their Microsoft Word. It can take up to 24 hours for the add-in to show up for all users.

To create admin entry for X-Author for Contracts

After installing the X-Author for Contracts, you must create an admin entry APTS_XAAddInLoadType in Conga CLM and set the value to "centralized". For more information about this admin entry, see Conga CLM for Administrators.

For more information about installing, publishing, and managing add-ins using centralized deployment via the Office 365 admin center, see Deploy and publish Office Add-ins and Manage add-ins in the admin center. If you want to remove the add-in, see Delete an add-in.

If you can't install X-Author for Contracts using Centralized Deployment, contact  Tech Support.