You can use the Intelligent Discovery feature to automatically extract key data from third-party contract documents. Intelligent Discovery scans the third-party document, recognizes, and maps important metadata and clauses to the Conga CLM. You can control the visibility of the Intelligent Discovery feature in X-Author for Contracts. For more details, see CLM Administrator Guide.

Previously, on importing an offline agreement, you had to manually find clauses and fields and mark them. Intelligent Discovery uses the pre-trained Artificial Intelligence-based clauses and fields AI Model to recognize the words that denote the clauses or fields in the third party document.


  • You must configure the Intelligent Discovery Settings in Conga CLM to view the Intelligent Discovery option in the Work tab. For more details, see CLM Administrator Guide.
  • You must create a mapping of record types and provisions. For more details, see CLM Administrator Guide.

To perform the Intelligent Discovery

  1. Check-in the third-party document as an offline agreement in X-Author Contracts.
  2. Check-out the offline agreement document.
  3. In the Contracts pane, go to Work > Intelligent Discovery. If you do not see Intelligent Discovery under the Work tab, click the More icon ( ) and from the menu, select Intelligent Discovery.
  4. Click Yes.

Your document is sent for the Intelligent Discovery and you see a confirmation message. Click Review Import Result to check the status of Intelligent Discovery. You get a message and an email on Intelligent Discovery status after clicking the Review Import Result

After clicking the Review Import Results, the status of the agreement changes in Conga CLM. For more information on change of statuses in Conga CLM, see Status Changes in Offline Agreements.

After the Intelligent Discovery performs the data extraction successfully, you will receive an email. You can see the fields and clauses recognized from the document in X-Author Contracts. The Doc Fields and Doc Clauses in Work tab shows the list of fields and clauses identified in the document. You can perform the following tasks on the extracted fields and clauses: