When sending a document for parallel review, the contract administrator can send agreement documents for both internal and external reviews using Office 365 from CLM. For more information on this, see Sending an Agreement Document for Parallel Review using Office 365 Review.

After the contract administrator starts an internal review from Office 365, the internal reviewer can open the document in Microsoft Word, log in to X-Author for contracts, and use it to make changes to the document.

To review the document

  1. Open your email and click the document link.
  2. Log in to your Microsoft account.
    The document opens in Insert Comments and Track Changes protection mode.
  3. Click Edit Document and select Open in Desktop App.

    If you select the Edit option after clicking Edit Document, an error message directs you to select the Open in Desktop App button

  4. Enter your Microsoft account's Email ID and log in.
  5. The document opens in Microsoft Word in Autosave mode. The initials of all the other users who have worked on the agreement document are visible in the top right corner of the page
  6. In the Home tab, click the X-Author for Contracts ribbon. The login panel opens. Click Login. You are logged into the X-Author for Contracts add-in.
  7. You can -:
    • Update from CLM : You can update smart fields and Read-only fields in your agreement document with the current values in Conga CLM. For more information, see Updating Fields from Conga CLM.
    • Open in CLM : Choose this option to view the agreement record associated with your document by choosing this option. For more information, see Opening Agreements in Conga CLM.
    • Unlock Clauses : You can scan the entire document and unlock the read-only clauses present in the document. For more information, see Unlocking Read-Only Clauses.
    • Highlight Fields : You can highlight the smart and read-only fields in your agreement document. For more information, see Highlighting Smart and Read-Only Fields.
    • Hide Smart Boundary : You can control the visibility of the content control boundary for smart fields, smart clauses, and read-only fields. For more information, see Hiding or Showing Smart Boundaries.
    • Clause Library : Insert Clause - You can insert a clause using this option. For more information, see Inserting Clauses.
    • Delete Clause : You can delete a clause using this option. For more information, see Doc Clauses.
    • Delete Fields : You can delete fields using this option. For more information, see Doc Fields.
    • Validate Fields : Use this feature to ensure that all smart fields in your document are in the proper format for their assigned data type. For more information, see Doc Fields.
    • Doc Clauses and Doc Fields : You can view the doc clauses and doc fields. 
  8. By default certain X-Author functionalities are disabled.

    The doc clauses tab and the doc fields tab only displays changes you make using the aforementioned X-Author functionalities. You cannot see changes made by others. In the document, however, you can see others' changes as redlined comments.

  9. Make the required changes and inform the contract negotiator through email that you have completed the review. You can close the document as the changes are autosaved.
  10. After the contract administrator ends the review in CLM, the reviewed document is automatically merged in the final document.

After the O365 review is completed, the contract administrator can open the document in X-Author for Contract, accept or reject the changes, and check in the final document. As a contract administrator, when you accept or reject changes before checking in the final document, make sure that:

    • All the date fields have a valid date. For example, you cannot have multiple dates within a single date field.
    • Check for fields and clauses that have blank content control borders and delete them.  

In some cases, when the contract administrator opens the final merged document, the accept or reject changes are greyed out. This is because, the document is getting converted to Insert and Track Changes mode after the review ends. To accept or reject changes follow either of the following two steps:

  1. You can create a specific profile entry for Agreement Protection setting for ‘Save Internal Version'. The values for Protection Type will be Automatic and Protection Level will be Full Access. This will make the protection type for all the internal check in document as Full Access. For more information on document protection, see Protecting and Unprotecting Document.

  2. As the document is getting converted to Insert and Track Changes mode by default, unprotect the document by putting document password. Now, the accept and reject changes button will be visible.