This topic contains instructions for Conga CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) users. If you are a Conga CLM user and you are looking for information regarding making fields read-only in a template, see Making Fields Read-Only in a Template.

You can make fields in your templates, read-only. When you enable the read-only attribute for a field in a template, that field becomes uneditable in the generated document. You can mark a field as read-only to restrict a user from editing the field after a document is generated.

To mark a field read-only

  1. Insert the field into your template by following the steps in Inserting Fields into a Template.
  2. In the Templates pane, go to Work and click Fields. If you cannot see the Fields tab, click the Expand icon (and select Fields.
  3. The Fields page shows the list of all the fields present in your template. Use the Search Field box to search for a field by keyword.
  4. Click the Settings icon () next to the field name. It opens the field settings pane where you can also find the field type (datatype) of a particular field. 
  5. Click the toggle for the Read-Only Field option to enable it.
  6. Click Save.

To remove the read-only property of a field, you can slide the Read-Only Field option toggle to the off position (greyed out).