Smart fields are specialized fields that can retain the field definition even after the merge service generates the agreement document. This feature helps for reconciling the document, which is detailed in the Reconciliation section. Smart fields are intended for parts of an agreement that would normally be negotiated. Smart fields, usually represented by small chunks of text, such as dates, categories, and numeric values, are not intended to hold large amounts of text. If necessary, use smart clauses instead.

Smart fields have the following limitations:

  • Text area data type fields and the LongDate formula field are not supported.
  • You cannot mark lookup fields as smart.
  • Smart fields cannot be used in the headers or footers of agreement documents.

To mark a field as smart

  1. Insert the field into your template by following the steps in Inserting Fields in a Template.
  2. From the Templates pane, go to Work tab > Fields. If you cannot see the Fields tab, click Dropdown () icon and select Fields.
  3. The Fields page lists all fields in your template. Find the field in the list and click its name to highlight it in the document.
  4. Click the Settings icon () adjacent to the selected field name to open the Properties page.
  5. Toggle the Smart Field switch on and click Save.

To turn off the smartness property of a field, toggle the Smart Field switch in the properties page off.