At any point in the negotiation, prior to finalizing the document, you can send the document for review to the customers or other parties involved in the negotiation. After an agreement document is generated, you can send it for both internal or external review to one or more reviewers. 

The parallel review is an unordered workflow that allows you to send a document for review to multiple reviewers without having to wait for each reviewer to approve it. When a contract administrator initiates a parallel review, a review cycle is created in CLM. After completing the review, each reviewer can check in the reviewed document. The feedback from each reviewer is merged with the latest version of the document. The contract administrator can review the changes of all the reviewers and check in the final document. CLM allows you to track the review activity in the Document Version section in the Agreement Related list on the agreement. 


  • You have enabled the Parallel Review comply system property in CLM to view the Send for Review and Check-in button on the latest version of the agreement document.
  • You have checked out the latest version of the agreement document for every template to send for review.
  • When you click Send for Review and Check-in, you can view With Redlines, Without Redlines, and Final - to be signed Save Options according to the custom permissions available for your profile. 

    Custom Permission in Contract Management

    Save option available in X-Author for Contracts

    XA_CheckinAsFinalFinal - to be signed, Without Redlines, and With Redlines
    XA_CheckInWithoutRedlinesWithout Redlines and With Redlines
    XA_CheckInWithRedlinesWith Redlines

    If all the custom permissions are disabled, you will see only the Save Options. For more information on how to configure custom permissions, see Assigning Custom Permissions to User Profiles in CLM.


You cannot send supporting and non-version aware documents for review. 

To send an agreement document for review

  1. Open Microsoft Word and launch the add-in.
  2. Log in to X-Author for Contracts.

  3. After working on the Agreement Document, in the Contracts pane, click Finish tab to open the Check In/Parallel Review page.

  4. Click Send for Review and Check-in to view the Assign Reviewers page.
  5. In the Search and add reviewers section, click User to view a dropdown menu.
  6. Select User, Contact, or Email according to your requirement.
  7. Enter the following reviewer details:


    Type the first two letters of user name or contact in the text fields to view suggestions. If the desired contact name is not displayed in the first 20 search results then enter more characters of the Contact or enter the full name of the Contact name.

    1. If you select User, enter the name of a user in your Org. Click Add.
    2. If you select Contact, enter the name of a contact in your Org. Click Add.
    3. If you select the Email address, enter the name and email address of the recipient. Click Add.


      You cannot add the same reviewer in the User, Contact, or Email sections.

  8. To remove any reviewer, click then Close icon () adjacent to the reviewer name. 
  9. Click Next.
  10. In the Notify via Email - Compose Message section, you can view or edit the Subject and Message of the review email. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to add a new line to the message. 
    By default, the subject line contains the agreement document name and the message body contains sender's name and agreement number.
  11. Click Next


    The Reviewer Access Selection page does not appear if there are no smart fields or clauses within the document or if the document has Insert Comments or Read-only protection mode.

  12. In the Reviewer Access Selection (Fields) section, you can view the list of smart fields within the agreement document.

  13. Click the smart field name to view the field in the agreement document. 
  14. Select or unselect the first checkbox to allow or prevent a reviewer from editing all the smart fields. You can also select or unselect specific smart fields to allow or prevent the editing of those smart fields.
  15. Click Next.
  16. In the Reviewer Access Selection (Clauses) section, you can view the list of smart clauses within the agreement document.
  17. Click the smart clause name to view the clause in the agreement document. 
  18. Select or unselect the first checkbox to allow or prevent a reviewer from editing all the smart clauses. You can also select or unselect specific smart clauses to allow or prevent the editing of those smart clauses.
  19. Click Next.
  20. Select the required Save Options. The Reconcile checkbox is selected by default. 
  21. Click Complete. If there are changes to smart fields or clauses in the document:
    1. All the updated smart fields that are available for reconciliation are displayed. Review the CLM Value and Current Value of the updated smart fields in your document and click Save & Next.
    2. All the updated smart clauses that are available for reconciliation are displayed. Expand a clause from the list to review the Original and Edited content of the clause.

  22. Click Complete.
    An email notification with an attached review document is sent to all the reviewers. The review cycle is initiated and the document is locked. You cannot initiate a new review cycle with the same agreement document with the same template. You can initiate a new review cycle after the current review cycle is completed or canceled.

A reviewer has the following privileges:

  • You cannot access the Work tab as it is disabled.
  • You can edit smart clauses and smart fields in the document that are permitted by the contract administrator. 
  • You can check out and check in the review document.


  • Parallel review is not applicable to offline agreements when they are created or checked in for the first time. Once the offline agreement is checked in, you can send for parallel review on subsequent check-outs. 
  • If you are working on the agreement documents containing swapped alternate clauses published using Online Contract Collaboration (OCC) in Approval Pending status, you cannot send the same for parallel review. 

Checking In a Reviewed Document

A reviewer can check out, make necessary changes, and check in the reviewed document. When you check out the review document, X-Author for Contracts identifies the document as a part of the review process and allows checking in that document as a revised version. A reviewer can check in the reviewed document multiple times before the review cycle is completed. A reviewer cannot check in the reviewed document after the review cycle is completed. Each reviewer's document is checked in as a new review version. A minor version is created after regenerating the document by merging the reviewer changes with the previous version of the document. The Contract Administrator can check in a reviewed document on behalf of another review. The review cycle is completed when all the reviewers check-in their reviewed documents. After all the reviewers have completed the review, the Contract Administrator can review the document by accepting and rejecting changes and checking in the final document.