An alternate clause is a substitute for a standard clause. Every standard clause can have multiple alternate clauses. Alternate clauses are defined while generating an agreement document. Often, during negotiation, these alternate clauses can be substituted for standard clauses. You can use this option to select a clause from a list of alternate clauses to substitute it for its associated standard clause. 


  • You have created a clause template that associates alternate clauses with standard clauses. 
  • You have added and linked the alternate clauses to the standard clauses in the CLM platform. For more information, see Managing Alternate Clauses.

To mark a clause as an alternative clause when creating a clause template, select the Alternate Clause checkbox. Otherwise, the clause is considered a standard clause by default. For more on alternate clause creation, see Creating an Alternate Clause.

To View Standard or Alternate Clauses

  1. Open Microsoft Word and launch the add-in.
  2. Log in to X-Author for Contracts and open the required agreement document. For more information on how to open an agreement document, see Opening an Agreement Document

  3. Open the list of available clauses from the Contracts pane by selecting Doc Clauses from the Work tab.
  4. Standard clauses with associated alternate clauses are indicated by a split arrow icon (). You can hover over the icon to see the availability of the alternate clause. Alternate clauses also indicate associated standard clauses using the split arrow icon
  5. Click the Expand icon () adjacent to the clause name and click View Standard / Alternates.

To Replace a Standard or Alternate Clause

  1. Open the agreement document and view its standard or alternate clauses. 
  2. The clause currently in use has an In Use label next to it. If you have selected a standard clause, you can view all alternate clauses associated with it. Similarly, if you have selected an alternate clause, you can view the standard clause and other alternate clauses associated with it. Click View More to read all the alternate clause details.
  3. Click the Replace button adjacent to the clause name. The clause in use is crossed out and replaced with an alternate or standard clause. After replacing a clause, you can Check in the Agreement Document.