New Features

The following features are new in this release. 

Parallel Review

You can now send your agreement document to multiple people for review, simultaneously. Using the parallel review, you do not have to wait for every reviewer to finish reviewing before the review process progresses to the next stage. Multiple reviewers can simultaneously review and check-in the document, thus saving time. After each reviewer checks in the agreement document, the review comments are merged with the previous version of the document.

Swapping Clauses

The swap clause feature allows you to replace an existing smart clause in the agreement document with another clause's content from the Playbook. The Swap button in the Playbook facilitates easy replacement of clause content and eliminates the need to mark the existing clause for deletion and then insert a new clause. This feature saves time and makes the negotiation process smoother by reducing the number of steps needed to swap a clause.

Restricting Agreement Check-ins

You can now restrict checking in an agreement document based on agreement status and agreement status categories. You can define the restricted Agreement Status and Agreement Status Category in a new custom setting, Restrict Checkin of Documents.

Read-only Clauses

You can now make clauses read-only to prevent users from editing the clause content. When you enable Read-Only attribute for a clause in a template, that clause becomes non-editable in the generated document.

Unlocking Read-only Clauses

You can now grant certain users edit access to a read-only clause using UnlockReadOnlyClause permission. This feature gives you more control on clause access and you can speed up the review or negotiation process.


The following section describes existing features that are changed (or are no longer supported) in this release.

Update from Salesforce

Update from Salesforce can now update the empty table cell values. If you generate an agreement when there are no agreement line items, the repeat-table in the generated agreement document is empty. You can now update those empty table values using Update from Salesforce.

Enable Formatting for Versioned Templates

You can now specify the content format for fields and clauses of a versioned template while creating a new template or checking in an existing template. Earlier, formatting options were only available for non-versioned templates. Now, you can choose to enable formatting and specify Date format, Currency format, and Number and Currency precision for versioning enabled template.


The reconciliation feature has a few UI enhancements to provide better user experience to the users.